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There are 16 species of birds that are criticially endangered in Australia. (EPBC Criticially Endangered List 2016)  anatomy
This number will increase if caring people don't take the time to help with conservation efforts. The main threat to threatened species is the destruction and alteration of their habitats. However in some cases hunting and illegal trade are also problems.

Wild birds need lots of space, food, water, and companionship from other members of the flock.

Research and recovery efforts have prioritized help for the night parrot of Central Australia, the Golden-Shouldered Parrot of Queensland and the Orange Bellied Parrot of South Eastern Australia. Other threatened parrots include the Baudin's and Carnaby's cockatoos both from Western Australia, Princess Parrots which live in Central Australia and the Superb Parrots of New South Wales. Other endangered species include the Regent Honey Eater, Swift Parrots, Eastern Curlews and Ground Parrots.

Do your Part! Create habitat in your own backyard. Plant Native Trees, Shrubs & Plants. Pick up and deposit rubbish in closed bins. Cut the plastic rings that come off packs of soft drink cans to prevent parrot heads from getting caught in them. Control predators (Cats,Dogs,Birds of Prey etc). Simple everyday things can make a huge difference.


Get involved with the World Parrot Trust, the Parrot Society Of Australia Parrot Trust, Save the Gouldian Finch or other parrot projects.