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From putting seeds in a dish, to building a bird house, to clipping the plastic rings that come on packs of soft drink, there are many projects which can be done to connect with and enhance the lives of parrots and other native wild birds.

If you live in Australia you're lucky enough to have so many parrots that at times they become pests.
Before you build a feeder or a birdhouse be sure you do your homework. Gain permission from your parents, neighbours, and in some cases from the local council before attracting wild birds into your area.

You won't be helping a parrot by bringing it into conflict with pet cats or people who might not be as appreciative of the birds are you are.

It is also important to observe the birds in your area. Check the types of birds that you see against online or published field guides to discover what types of birds are in your area. Once you have those two things done you're ready to enhance your life and backyard with parrots.